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Up For Debate - How Often Do You Double Dip on Games?
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Double-dipping, or the art of buying the same games multiple times, is more prevalent than we’d ever dreamed of according to a report published by PlayTracker. Earlier this week, PlayTracker claimed 45% of Grand Theft Auto V players had bought Rockstar’s game multiple times, accounting for 37.3% of all copies of the game sold.
I’m currently on the hunt for an SSD. The bigger the better, obviously. But it’s also meant I’ve been keeping a close eye on the prices, which have practically been in freefall for the last 18 months. Being the penny-pincher I am, I’m wondering just how low they can go.
Up For Debate - What's the Most Messed Up Game You've Ever Played?
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If panicky Daily Mail headlines have taught me anything, it’s that video games are destroying the very fabric of society with their sickening violence, weapons training, and cocaine levels of addiction.
This week I was drawn to a post on Battlefield V’s subreddit concerning DICE’s Florian Le Bihan, the man responsible for the Core Gameplay Design on Battlefield V. Florian was banned from playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this week as the anti-cheat systems detected him as a cheat.
When the Steam store updated its weekly deals before last weekend, I’ll admit I wasn’t surprised to see Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s price slashed by 34% just a month after launch. It’s the Square Enix way, to be honest. Anyone looking to save their pennies will be all too aware that waiting just a few weeks could net a significant discount, and if you wait a year you’ll probably be able to buy a complete edition for 20 bucks.
This week I was reminded of a couple of my favourite moments from throughout my gaming past, both concerned with the breaking of the fourth wall.
A few weeks ago, Nintendo celebrated its 129th birthday. The grandaddy of gaming hasn't just been around a heck of a long time in the world of videogames, Nintendo has been around a heck of a long time full stop. It's always enough to cause a giggle when yet another brave soul suggests Nintendo is doomed. By hook or by crook, Nintendo is a business that survives, adapting, pioneering, and, like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, just finding a way.
Up For Debate - Do You Take Game Achievements Seriously?
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Ever since, one fabled day, Microsoft unleashed the Xbox 360 on an unsuspecting public on November 22nd, 2005, gaming achievements have been quite a big deal. Up until then, the mere act of playing and enjoying a game was its own reward. But all of a sudden we were being fed small dopamine hits for seemingly simple tasks, watching out Gamerscore tick ever upwards.
Things have been heating up this week in regards to an XP Booster microtransaction that can be bought in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The Permanent XP Boost grants the player with an extra 50% experience boost for everything they do in AC Odyssey. This allows players to level up faster and unlock more abilities at an earlier stage. By all accounts, it makes Assassin’s Creed Odyssey more fun than when not spending $9.99 on a microtransaction.
With the announcement of the PlayStation Classic and the previous smash-hits that were the Nintendo NES Mini and the SNES Classic Mini, we got to wondering what it would be like if a hypothetical PC Classic Mini was announced.
The floodgates are now open. The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and GeForce RTX 2080 are making their way into gamers’ hands. We’re inundated with reviews and benchmarks, detailing precisely how these new graphics cards perform. Sort of. There aren’t many Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) benchmarks available, and no actual gameplay whatsoever, while RTX ray tracing is completely non-existent until games actually start supporting it.