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News + Features
Does Having a Publisher Help Indie Developers Sell More Games on Steam?
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As with the Early Access sales, the answer is yes, having a publisher can certainly help a developer sell more games on Steam.
Phantom Doctrine is a turn based Xcom style tactical game, set in a 1980s cold war era. Its being put together by Creative Forge, the same devs that brought us the popular wild west turn based game, Hard West. They have around 50 devs in their studio so they are no longer a small operation and it is definitely showing through in their games.
Where Will Gaming be in 10 Years?
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Predicting the future is a tough ask. Those who can achieve it with any degree of reliability almost invariably come out on top. Predicting the future of videogames is an even more fickle task though. A heck of a lot changes in the world of gaming during a decade.
Welcome to day 2 of the semi final voting poll. Just this poll is left to decide which two most anticipated games will meet in our GD World Cup Finals. A surprise turn of events here in this gaming world cup semi final, is that both games are courtesy of the publishing giant Bethesda. So Bethesda obviously know what the gaming community are looking for in future games. Either that or they are just genius at marketing hype. This semi final will put a new IP known as Starfield up against The next Elder Scrolls game.
Does releasing on Early Access affect sales on Steam? The short answer is yes, yes it does. In 2018, launching a game via Steam Early Access means it is more likely to sell more, earn more revenue, and retail at a higher price. It’s twisted logic but an unfinished game can be priced higher and sell more than a finished product.
Up For Debate - What Resolution Are You Gaming With on PC in 2018?
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It was about this time last year that I pretty much abandoned doing 720p gaming benchmarks. After looking into the data for the resolutions used by PC gamers in 2017, it appeared 1280 x 720 was used by a fairly miniscule portion of the PC gaming community. A year later that trend has continued. Just 0.41% of gamers on Steam are running at 720p, and 1080p is absolutely the de facto standard.
The Darksiders Apocalypse Part 3 Will Befall Our World At The End of November 2018
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Darksiders 3 has risen from the ashes of the long gone THQ Publisher. THQ Nordic, the publisher who bought up the rights and changed their name, has just announced that Darksiders 3 will be released on 27th November 2018. Darksiders will be available on Steam, Humble and GOG for £45/60€/$60.
Ok we totally mucked up our prediction of that last round. We had it pegged that Shadow of the Tomb Raider would take out Red Dead and Death Stranding would best Hitman 2. But the score line ended up as
UPDATE : 09 July @ 18:56
If you’ve been keeping even just a cursory eye on the upcoming games list on Steam for the past few years, you’ll be acutely aware that it’s the Wild West out there right now. There’s gunslinging, saloon fights, and a whole lot of coffins. From just a few hundred games releasing each year back at the turn of the decade, there are now several thousand games releasing on Steam each yeah. Sometimes, there are dozens and dozens on a single day. A game can be pushed down from the front page within a matter of minutes, never to be seen again.
We’re fast approaching the three year anniversary of a fairly momentous moment in Microsoft’s history - the launch of Windows 10. After the abysmal failure of Windows 8, Microsoft was chomping at the bit to get a new OS into everyone’s hands, gamers included. They were so desperate, in fact, that they gave away Windows 10 for free to each and every owner of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Despite this, erm, generous offer, there were hundreds of millions that didn’t make the jump to the untested new operating system during its first year.